Food Blogging Skills

Food on the Internet is limitless and has taken the pedestal in our lives. It is a basic need to survive and the most beloved pastime of everyone.

If you have a passion for food and everything related to it, food blogging can become your source of fun, new friends, and profit.


What skills should I have as a food blogger

  • Good writing skills– meaty content for your blog is one of the essential parts of a quality food blog. It should be engaging and easy to understand. Here are some content samples:
    • recipes and food preparation guides
    • restaurant reviews
    • tips and tricks on food shopping
    • best place to eat/shop for food
    • try to make
    • mukbang (eating large amounts of food while interacting to audiences)
    • Eating challenge
    • purely visual/images
    • purely video
    • feature on food/chefs


  • Focus on a particular niche– there are more to food that it’s too demanding not to choose a specific topic. Here are some samples of niches:
    • baking
    • desserts
    • pasta
    • exotic food
    • Italian
    • brunch
    • chefs
    • seafood
    • baby food



  • Target audience– whether your blog is for moms, aspiring chefs, students, avid cooks, or general audience, see to it that what you make piques their curiosity. Let it be appealing to your audience enough to get them to finish whatever content you are presenting and want for more. This will build trust and expectation, then eventually, traffic.


  • Passion, Patience, Performance (3 Ps) – Passion is the deep love for something. Patience is the willingness to wait for your labour to bear fruit; this can take months to years sometimes. Performance is your effort, a food baker once shared for a single blog post she would give 50 hours of work!


  • Photography skills– food is great when you can taste it, but it’s also the presentation that gathers the interest of audiences. You can even say food is visual in nature. Sometimes when we watch cooking shows, you can’t wait to see the finished product at the ending.


  • Daily grind– when it comes to blogging, more is more. Keep on cooking, keep on writing recipes, and keep on discovering new flavours. It doesn’t need to be daily but be consistent. Keep posting or share a friend’s recipe. Invite some cooks and feature them in your blog.


How to start a food blog

After choosing your particular niche, purchase a domain name (your blog name and address in the web) and hosting package (services needed for the blog to appear on the Internet). Keep the name of your blog short and creative. We recommend WordPress as one of the best sites to start a blog.


For the Future

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can also help you in gathering traffic.

Grow your audience with blogging consistency and posting quality content.

Never forget that people eat with their eyes too, so polish or learn a few skills in photography.

Finally, after all those things, be humble. Accept friendly criticism, grow in your field, discover more and it will pay up eventually.


So, what’s stopping you from starting your food blogging channel?