Blogging Trends 2019

Blogging is one of the hottest jobs in the world today. Not to mention fame, influence, social status and money it can bring though it is one of the most tricky and challenging industry.


We made a list of the most popular blogging trends in 2019.


Everything food and recipes

People not only love cooking shows on television for decades, but we also need it a few times a day to survive. Food is the worlds most favourite pastime.

From the gourmet chef, diet and health buffs, fitness and nutritional experts, fine dining or even people who binge eat are on blogging sites.

Focus: find a niche, establish the authority of the author


How to guides

Easy and simple guides on how to on almost anything. Whether you want to know how to get car insurance, or how to travel frugaly, it is available. How to plant Bermuda grass, or even how to sew a tutu, you can find it on many blogging sites.

Focus: niche audience, cater to their interests, give some helpful answers


How to guides also include:

Beginner guides– sometimes called lesson 101 or _______ for dummies

Focus: start on basic, simplify topics


Ultimate how-to guides– sometimes called expert guides or complete guides

Informative guides backed up by statistics and research. This should be legitimate and strategic. Some bloggers share their own investigations on things.

Focus: expertise on a topic, tons of authentic research


Fashion- old, new, trending

Have you seen blogs on 100 years of style? It is amazing. From the latest trend on the runway, couture, classic, and formal, blogging on fashion are fun. It never gets old and is always relevant.

Focus: passionate about fashion stuff


Travel diaries

Everyone loves to see different destinations. We usually see young people travelling in beautiful unknown cities and discovering hidden places. Families who stay on hotels in a budget or even retired professionals explore the world.

Focus: must love travelling


Product reviews

One of the top-earning YouTubers in the world is focusing on toy reviews. At this genre, anyone and no matter young or old is acceptable. According to some researches, product review influencers are more trusted than celebrity endorsers. This proves how powerful blogging can be. You can review cosmetics, food, service etc.

Focus: choose niche products, give pros and cons


Lifestyle blogs

Traffic flocks on curiosity channels on the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Celebrities such as Oprah, the Kardashians and royalties have blogs of their own. You can find extraordinary and dramatic topics on lifestyle blogs.

Focus: a wide variety of interests, a knack for drama



Gaming is growing into a multi-billion industry today. Sometimes keeping up with new and hot games can be overwhelming because of the fast-paced world of games. Although gaming blogs are more for the younger population, anyone can join as long as it is age-appropriate.

Focus: avid gamer, find a niche and build a reputation


Topics on Politics and Politicians

Extremely popular during elections and whether national, international or local, find a politician and join the discussion. Sometimes it can be controversial but try to have a level head.

Focus: anything related to politics and politicians



There are more than enough things to blog about, but be sure that it is what you love and interested in. Take time to build excellent content, develop techniques, and engage in your audience well. Most of all, have fun and share what you have learned.