Keeping my Mind and Heart Open

Dreams… Dreams…

We all have one. All of us at one point or the other tried to reach our dreams.

Have you given up your dreams?

I forgot it myself. I even stopped reaching for it. Well, that was yesterday. Now, it is moving ahead.

It is why this blog is coming back alive.

My entrepreneurial spirit

I am from a family of an entrepreneur. Our family was not able to establish an empire, but there is a consensus in our home all of us doesn’t like to live with a boss. My Father had his own Tile Restoration and Janitorial Services company. Now, along with that, he is starting his Auto Repair and Services Shop. My mom has his own Clothing Shop. And my brothers are starting their consulting company. I am also in the consultation business, and most of all, I like writing. I ghostwrite for a living, but at the same time I coach business how to proceed in their business.

Just recently, I have a client, a professional grout cleaning Chicago-based business. Because of my experiences with my dad when he was just starting his tile restoration company, I know that I have many things to say for that particular client. In this blog, I will post tips, ideas, and rants in making your entrepreneurial spirit mature.

Scavenging Business Ideas from Youtube

The video above is what I’ve been thinking for these past few days. Business ideas are hard to come by, and the motivation to do it is harder to muster. Just check it out, and who knows, maybe you will get some inspiration from it.

Beauty Thoughts

I will not deny that I am a fashionista. But somehow, I consider myself as a holistic fashionista. It is not always about beauty and the clothes I wear. In the grand scheme of life, there are many things where my interest rests.

First in line is Music and Arts. I listen to various kinds of music from jazz to alternative. Sometimes, I can even tolerate Hard Rock, but more on the progressive type of music. On arts, this is where I truly appreciate the intricacies and balance of colors, the complexity and dullness of the canvass, and the strength of each fiber of artistic strokes.

There is more to this rant, but you can find more details of it in my beauty article sections. Here are some:

Come back for more.


10 Fresh Business Ideas For 2016 #4

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Featured Articles

Do You Want To Hire A Bathroom Renovation Specialist?

Before you work with a bathroom design specialist, you have to know who you’re working with. There are plenty of people that can do this kind of work. It’s just a matter of you taking the time to get the right person out to help you.

Find a contractor that is well reviewed if you want to get the best possible service. There is no reason for you to hire the first person you see when you search for this kind of worker. Even if they are at the top of search results, that doesn’t make them the best in the business. Marketing well is good and all, but it in no way proves that the person can do the job right. Find reviews first and that way you can see what people have had to say about the service they got.

You’re going to want to be as careful as you can if you want to be able to deal with a bathroom specialist that is going to give you the best deal. Make sure that you let them know exactly what you want to have done, and then have them give you a quote. Don’t be afraid to ask for them to charge you less if they have a ridiculous rate you don’t want to have to deal with. It’s better to get with someone that’s willing to work for you and your needs instead of someone wanting to make as much as possible off of you.

The right bathroom renovation specialist will give you a good price on their services. You’re now in the know about how to hire the right people. It’s a good idea to be cautious, and now you know a little more about the matter to make this work out for you better.

Last November, we hired a renovation expert from Perth. They specialize in bathroom remodeling as well other renovation services on Perth, WA. We are very much satisfied with their service.

Is It Conceivable to Make Big Money From Gaming?

money on games

Some people will tell you that playing video games will get you nowhere, but they are not correct at all. Those people may see it as something that is just a game, but gaming has become an exceptional way to make decent money while doing something you love. If it is possible to get paid to play and live off of the money you earn, why even bother sticking to a job you already know you will not like?

Multiple opportunities exist for the gamers who want to make a profit. Some people record themselves playing different games with a recording device, such as the Elgato. After they take videos of themselves doing different things in the game, they upload the videos to social sites, such as YouTube. As they start to get views, they can create an AdSense account and begin making money from the videos they are posting of themselves having a good time playing games they love.

Another way for gamers to make money is to compete in different events. There are often some events held for various games, such as Call of Duty. Different people can work together in teams to compete against one another for large amounts of cash. Although gamers often need to travel to compete, they have a lot of fun and can even end up going home with plenty of money to make it well worth the trip.

In some other games, there are in-game currencies. If you get enough in-game currencies, you can quickly make real money from it. You need to play a game that has lots of followings like the new FIFA 16. All over the world, gamers are playing, trading and wants to earn more coins in the game. Get FIFA guides. Use FIFA 16 autobuyers and autobidders to help you get more coins. Then, sell it for cash.

Whether you want to make tutorial videos to teach people how to play different games like CharlieIntel, talk about new releases or even get involved in competitions, there are ways to turn gaming into something that is profitable for you. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot make money playing different systems, such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii.

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